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Multiple mdelete
Without Interactive Prompting

A ftp.exe is
        an interactive and script running program
        that allows to transfer files to and from a remote computer.

In the ftp.exe is ability to transfer files

        one at a time
        one or more one by one
        one or more at a time.

delete and mdelete deletes files
        from any     directory on remote computer.
mdelete can multiply delete files
        with    interactive prompting one by one (default) or
        without interactive prompting all at a time

With    interactive prompt,
                asks if delete the next file.

Without interactive prompt,
                deletes   all files, at once, without asking.
In the article is a demonstration
        how to mdelete 9 files on remote computer
        without interactive prompting.
Before Starting

Before to start,
on remote computer,
        I have to have,
                directory       //ups/    with 9 files:
1.txt 2.txt 3.txt 4.txt 5.txt 6.txt 7.txt 8.txt 9.txt
The best way to have it is carry out 2 previous articles, first.

At need,
        I open remote computer

Now, I can start deleting files.
Multiply Deleting *.txt Files
Without Interactive Prompting

To multiply delete *.txt file,
        I type and execute command
mdelete //ups/*.txt
I deleted all files
I quit remote computer, and I delete all files in c:\down directory

Chapters Contents of Chapter
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